No Sleep For Lovers

by Ghost Outfit

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Camryn Marquez
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Camryn Marquez No one analysis of this record will ever do the music justice. This deserves to be heard by as many people as possible. This is truly an avant-garde labor of love that occurs ever so rarely in the artistic world. Every artist should hope to create an opus that escapes the confines of genre and manifests a unique aesthetic identity as this record does. Favorite track: No Less.



Hello all,

We are very excited to now announce the release of No Sleep For Lovers, the second album from Ghost Outfit on all major digital platforms. This new full-length follows the release of 2013s I Want You To Destroy Me.

The album was produced by Ghost Outfit, in collaboration with Tom Morris in the later stages, and recorded at various locations and with a variety of different people over the course of 2014 and 2015. The bulk was recorded at 80hz Studios in Manchester, and mixing was handled by Tom Morris at his studio in London.

It has been a long and destructive journey to complete it, and the nature of the album has changed over the years to reflect the conflict and desperation that surrounded its making. Although it is difficult to look back on the time spent making the album before Tom Morris’ involvement (in mid-2015) fondly, we are very proud of the record and the progression we have made as musicians since our last release.

The album interweaves studio recordings, lo-fi rehearsal room sounds and even live performance recordings to create a picture of fading ego. The album ultimately became about itself during the course of its making.

We feel that it is Ghost Outfit’s definitive statement.

We have elected to release the album ourselves. There will be no physical release; though we are open to a third party taking that on if there is one willing. The record industry is in a state of complete uncertainty; things have changed a great deal in the six years since we began, especially for independent musicians and labels. Releasing it ourselves flies in the face of advice we have been given by people within the industry, but ultimately is our only way of taking control of our music. We are happy to finally be able to give it to you to enjoy.


We do, however, have a second announcement to make, and that is that No Sleep For Lovers will be the final release by Ghost Outfit.

We have both decided to move on, and will no longer be playing together. The band is made up of two collaborators who share the burden of writing and creating, and so cannot continue without both of us involved. We have experienced a lot in the last six years, a great deal of it amazing, some of it pretty terrible, but looking back on all we have achieved and been part of, we have loved every minute of performing together.

The split is completely amicable, there was no fight or disagreement. Simply a mutual feeling and urge to finish up as Ghost Outfit and individually move on.

We would like to thank all those people who have ever been involved with our music, or supported us in any way throughout the years. We love you and could never have achieved anything without you.

We are proud for No Sleep For Lovers to be our final statement. We encourage you to listen to it; we hope it surprises you, and we hope you come to enjoy it for the weird beast that it is.

Young Ghosts 4eva,

Jack & Mike

Ghost Outfit - 25th April 2010 – 25th May 2016


released June 7, 2016

“No Sleep For Lovers”

1. Would Ya?

2. Filth

3. No Less

4. Worst Day Of My Whole Life

5. Who Else Is Gonna Be There?

6. No Sleep For Lovers

7. I Don’t Have Those Dreams Anymore

8. Catharsis

9. Evelyn

10. All In

11. Dying

Produced by Ghost Outfit & Tom Morris

Recorded and engineered by George Atkins.

Additional recording by Tom Morris, Ghost Outfit.and Martin Hurley.

Mixed by Tom Morris.

Mastered by Carl Saff.

Additional sampled recording by Steven Cherry & Helen Collett, Sam Alder & Toby Potter and Youtube users “mancmusic” & “Dave ZoOm”

Studios used during creation of album -

· 80 hz Studios, Manchester

· Ironworks Studio, Caenarfon (with assistance from Kevin Jones)

· Strangeways Studios, Salford

· Château de Fantôme, Manchester

Cover art by William Sharp

Music video for Filth -

Music video for No Less -

Videos created by Callum Scott-Dyson.



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Ghost Outfit UK

25th April 2010 - 25 May 2016

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